Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Shower Ideas & Recipes!

"Normal" people might fill a cute diaper holder thingie, maybe a drawer, or the shelves in a cute baby changing table.

I make a cake!!

My sister-in-Law is gonna have a baby!! I am soooo excited!! Not only because I get to be an aunt again. (she already has the perfect daughter)
But because SHE is gonna have a baby, and I AM NOT!! Whoo hooooo!!
(don't get me wrong.. I love my children... I love having a lot of them **rolling eyes** But I really think I have done my part to populate the world... I'm just glad to be able to share that huge responsibility with others!)

I was very excited to be able to help host the baby shower. I just love doing that stuff!
making cute foods.... cute centerpieces (the diaper cake)
She is having a boy! sooo The fun began with the cute baby blue & toy covered diaper cake.
Then progressed to a punch that looked kinda like used bath-water, complete with rubber duckies swimming around.

Who said you have to serve food on plain old platters?
Go to the toy store and use toys!
Dump trucks hold dip.
A bucket is great to hold food, a Frisbee can hold cookies, a cute place-mat can display your crackers,
Use your imagination! get creative!
Its not a ton of money.. and it'll be a big hit!
This is my sister-in-law....
she is one of "those people"
you know... the kind of woman that is teaching yoga while 8 months pregnant, beautiful hair, amazing figure.....
you know..... the total opposite of me.
To top it all off... she is super sweet, a wonderful aunt to all of her nieces and nephews.
We are blessed to have her in our life.

Look how great she looks at 8 months pregnant! geesh.

The menu included

(Click each to be taken to the recipe)
The world's BEST Spinach Dip in a bread bowl

Chipped Beef Cheese Ball and crackers

Italian salad stuffed pasta shells

Fresh Strawberries & Quick-n-Easy fruit Dip

Berry Blue Bathwater Punch

mini cheese cakes

mints, nuts and cookies

I'll make sure to get each of the recipes posted in the recipe box by the end of the day Monday.
They all turned out GREAT!!! Try em!
You'll be glad you did!!

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