Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If I were going to the electric chair tomorrow....

This would be the request for my last meal!

Last night the Man-of-My-Dreams and I went out for our anniversary.
we went to "Pappas Seafood House", our favorite seafood restaurant.
Once a year I get to order their Stuffed Salmon.
(this picture is of my Left-Overs, it was THAT big!)

It is the PERFECT meal in my opinion.

Perfectly cooked succulent salmon.
Stuffed with an absolutely divine seafood stuffing.
Topped with sweet, tender jumbo lump crab meat & BIG ol' shrimp.

I have tried to duplicate this dish at home...
but I just don't get it.. how do they take a HUGE slab-o-salmon that is thin on one side and really thick on the other end, and cook it perfectly on both ends??
I do it and the thin side is overcooked when the thick side is perfect.
Or the thick side is raw then the thin end is perfect!
This is one of the questions that keeps me awake at night!

Papa's Seafood House Stuffed Salmon
Served with grilled asparagus & a Greek salad and of course a hunk of cheesecake is my perfect last meal!

What would you request as your last meal before you met Old Sparky?
Leave your meal request in the comment section and we can all drool over them and die happy!
Or... live with really happy tummies!

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