Monday, November 10, 2008

Batch Cooking

Ever wonder what 20lbs of diced boneless/skinless chicken breasts looks like?

Like this!
Now, if I can just keep the little hands out of it!

Keep in mind this is my new Tupperware "Thatsa-bowl"... it holds 42 cups!
(I'm falling in love with Tupperware.... it's more expensive yes, but I am sooo sick of containers that have lids that pop off... and bowls that stain, and crack, and just feel flimsy..
This ain't your Mom's Tupperware! Tupperware makes me happy!...
Man! it's official I am a Dork!)

This mountain-o-chicken is going to be the base meat for my two batch cooking dishes for tomorrow.
King Ranch Casserole
and Chicken Pot Pie.

Stay Tuned....
Tomorrow we cook!!!!

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